What to Expect when You Weren’t Exactly Trying to Expect Anything..

Back in January, I was still trying to pursue my Insta famous and blog lifestyle, when something in the pit of my stomach told me that I may be pregnant. I was not trying nor was it the right time for my husband and I to bring a child into the world. However, after taking a pregnancy test and having a class five anxiety attack… I realized it was a blessing in disguise.

My pregnancy was not my favorite thing, but the reward at the end was so amazing. Although everyone says that a baby is expensive– but not in a way you can see right away…so I’m here to uncover the hidden expenses of your new bundle of joy.

Your Doctor Appointments aren’t always covered
Depending on insurance, you can be caught paying for ultrasounds, blood work, and various genetic testing that are always good to get…but not the most cost effective. Don’t even think that your cool 3D image of your baby is remotely covered…and if it is, you’re lucky AF. If your experience is anything like mine, your doctor’s office might not completely understand your insurance and tell you there was no copay, and send you various bills in the mail. Later on in my pregnancy, I went to the doctor every week. Each week, I would receive an envelope in the mail containing a bill for my copay. #super

Maternity Clothes
You know what’s fun? Shopping for overpriced maternity items because the clothing industry KNOWS you have to give in and buy some maternity items. Talk about a fun lesson in economics. Even though I didn’t buy much, I had to buy pants…and the cheapest I could find were some pairs at target on a major sale…so go there for some clothing staples. My suggestion? Find jeggings and maxis. If you are pregnant in the winter, invest in two pairs of pants. Jeans and another pair. It’s easy to find cheap and pretty shirts than a pair of pants for a reasonable price.

Breast Pumps
Ask your doctor about insurance covered pumps…and if you are not pumping– ask your doctor for samples of formula. (The pediatrician will have plenty) An average pump can range in price anywhere from $150-450! I don’t have that kind of cash, my friends.

The Hospital Copay
This can depend on your insurance also, but mine was $500…so keep that in mind when you are planning your birth plan. Also- I didn’t have a birth plan, so don’t ask me for advice on that.
For 500 bucks, get your money out of it– grab those newborn diapers and mesh underwear for your postpartum weeks ahead.

So you are having a baby shower? Great. Make sure to REGISTER smart. Yes, clothes are adorable…but no one wants a baby with cute clothes and no diapers. Very messy. Trust me, your friends and family will buy you clothes.

Register for wipes, diapers, dreft, and things you NEED. My go-to list for cheap will be up in a couple days, so stay tuned.

Make sure to get some basic onesies and 4-5 outfits in newborn. My baby was in newborn for just TWO WEEKS…so keep that in mind. AND, at 5 weeks, my baby is almost out of 3 month because he is so tall.

If your friend/family member is having a baby– give them a necessity. It is a lot more of a relief than a cute outfit (then get some cute clothes when the baby is born!)

You think you’re going to want to cook after giving birth? Yea, you’re a psycho. Not only will you forget to go to the bathroom, you will forget what time it is, too. If you want to help a friend out, cook some frozen meals. If you have some time before you give birth, put some crock pot meals together and make some casseroles. Try not to order food every night, even though it’s tempting.

Food for the baby? Don’t give up on breastfeeding right away, try it for a couple weeks. Formula is VERY expensive. Much like maternity clothes, the industry knows you have to buy it. I tried pumping and breast feeding for 3 weeks, and then switched to formula. This is when you ask the pediatrician for those samples.

Yea, we all know childcare is an expense…but do you know HOW expensive? I’m literally still having panic attacks about it. Unless you’re a Rockefeller, you may have to go back to work. Nannies, in-home help, and day cares have fees and tuitions that are actually insane. It’s not Harvard. If you have an irregular work schedule FREAKING FORGET trying to find weekend help. So make sure you budget yourself, and ask for some favors along the way. A plate of brownies for your in-laws or neighbor could go a long way.

I’ve only been a mom for a month, so give me some other ideas! The only thing I know is that I have to leave my 6 week old baby while I brave the retail world JUST in time for the holidays. Don’t dogs get 8 weeks?


One thought on “What to Expect when You Weren’t Exactly Trying to Expect Anything..

  1. Great advise Katie! In Europe they give their new moms a year maternity leave! This country needs to visit that idea!

    Even though money is tight right now….and trust me it was for everyone when they had a baby….hold onto each day with your beautiful baby! They will fly by!

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