50 Things to Do…When You’re Short on Cash

Okay, so today is Sunday…and I figure that I should make a theme: Sassy Sarcastic Sunday. So, there’s that.

As promised, here are 50 things you can do when you’re broke as hell.

  1. Brush your hair.
  2. Take up a semi cheap hobby… Crocheting is hella inexpensive! Have you seen how much a ball of yarn is?
  3. Paint your nails.
  4. Watch *free* episodes on hulu or youtube.
  5. Invent something.
  6. Get your invention idea stolen because you talked about it in a Starbucks.
  7. Drive around aimlessly… Of course that cost more money in gas than going out to a bar.
  8. Concentrate on your exercise.
  9. Reorganize the apps on your phone… It keeps things fresh.
  10. Carve your initials into a tree.
  11. People watch.
  12. Look up a diet cleanse and not do it.
  13. Practice your typing.
  14. Play monopoly with your dog/cat/rabbit.
  15. Organize your planner, and then forget about it the next week.
  16. Design your house on Pinterest.
  17. Start a blog.
  18. Plan your wedding on Pinterest. Whether it be real or fake.
  19. Window shop on the interweb.
  20. Finally clean out your inbox.
  21. Unsubscribe to shopping emails in your inbox. 😦
  22. Become an expert at origami
  23. Live vicariously through those who go out on the weekends.
  24. Envy your dogs life.
  25. Work more hours at work.
  26. Start a savings account.
  27. Call it: One Day…
  28. Rerecord your voicemail message.
  29. Do your voicemail message in the voice of Bane from Batman.
  30. Perfect your Russian accent
  31. Text your friends pictures of puppies.
  32. Build a treehouse, or a snowman, depending on your weather sitch.
  33. Make your own coffee. (AS IF)
  34. Try to figure out how mirrors work.
  35. Count how many times a ceiling fan spins per hour.
  36. Volunteer.
  37. Become a youtube sensation over night.
  38. Become insta famous.
  39. Train your dog to bring you food.
  40. Clean your bathroom.
  41. Create a fan page for an obscure actor from the 90’s. (Ron Orbach) (Best DMV Tester Cher could have had)
  42. Cry when your Rue LaLa app reminds you about new sales.
  43. Take up ribbon dancing.
  44. Brew your own beer.
  45. Do your laundry.
  46. Apply for jobs.
  47. Apply to graduate school.
  48. Learn how to cook.
  49. Learn how to be the burger king.
  50. Don’t take any of these seriously.

Well, that was too easy.

Anywho, look out for a list of actual things to do on a budget sometime this week! I’m thinking Tuesday evening? After work? I get out at 10. See you then 🙂

xoxo -Kate


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