For Real Though, What To Do When You’re A Broke Bitch

So, I seriously am loving my Sassy Sarcastic Sunday concept.

In all seriousness… I do owe you all an actual post…with actual advice.

What to do with less than $50 to spend

  1. Go see a movie
  2. Rent a movie from redbox and make popcorn at home.
  3. Check with your local pubs and taverns for a “trivia night” or “board game night.” Monopoly is even more fun with a couple (don’t go overboard!) drinks in you!
  4. Do a scavenger hunt with friends. Winner buys milkshakes. Make sure to lose 😉
  5. Go on Living Social: Right now, they are featuring a 3 Day Admission to a Halloween Pub Crawl in Philadelphia for $10!!
  6. Go to an arcade
  7. Take a train ride into the city and do a DIY photoshoot with friends. (Thanks Nikki)
  8. Karaoke: Maybe someone will buy you a drink, you sweet songbird, you.
  9. Visit museums and zoos on free or discounted days. (You have to check the websites of your local attractions to see their specific days!)
  10. Update your photo albums. Websites like Snapfish or Walgreens give you a great deal on printing your pictures
  11. Craft something for your house.
  12. Go to a winery and have a tasting. Most flights can be as cheap as $5.

I always find that most people think that it is easier to find something to do when you spend a ton of money. Unfortunately, there are more options with the more money you have. I feel that this situation is a lot like when you sit I front of a tv and have over a thousand channels, yet nothing sparks your interest.
Here’s a little tip: be stimulated by a book, conversation, or the outdoors. I would tell you this even if you had all the money in the world. The best times come from being with people you love (or love to hate!)

Peace out bitties!

Xoxo- Kate


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