5 Real Things I Heard This Week

I’m not going to lie, I have dumb moments…but nothing like this. I’ve had to duck under tables and run out of places in order to not be considered “rude.” Sigh. Here it is:

5 Real Things I Heard This Week

  1. “Christmas isn’t a religious holiday…these people are trippin'” Literally no words for this. I can’t imagine the disappointment this one face after googling the history of Christmas.
  2. “I haven’t heard anything about ISIS in a while, guess that’s over!” Just, not a good thing to joke about, 12-year-old. Try again.
  3. “Are you asking him to the dance? I think he has a limp. That’s not a good dance partner.” People with limps are people too.
  4. “I don’t think that jacket is a good fit for you, that’s a poor people brand.” Yes, that’s a nice thing to say to a person.
  5. “The iced bucket challenge is over! I guess everyone raised enough money for ALC!” I believe the word you are looking for is ALS, and no…it just got too cold for people to dump large tubs of ice water on their heads.

This is why I love to people watch…and eavesdrop. Piece of advice: Think before you talk. You just may end up on here…#whitneyportface

Also: just taking some time off for the holidays! I’ll be back full force the first week of January! Have a wonderful New Year’s Celebration…and don’t act a fool. Save your money. Spoiler alert: A huge ball drops and a new month starts at midnight!

xoxo Kate


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