Just Some Thoughts

Everyday, I see and hear perceptions of perfect relationships everywhere. What makes a relationship perfect? I’m not sure my answer is the correct answer for everyone…that makes it my type of perfect. I like getting milkshakes and every week and having a beer at a local pub. Some may like playing video games and going hiking. Who am I to judge?

The world is made up of thousands upon thousands of various personalities. Each personality meshes with a different personality differently. Your upbringing, your likes, and your dislikes play major parts in what you as an individual find attractive.

The problem with today’s world? Someone, somewhere made their “attractive” the norm. This “cookie cutter” mold causes individuals to bend and break within its containment. The norm tells people that their relationship is wrong, and that if something isn’t done a specific way, it isn’t love. Truthfully, love is defined by an infinite number of paths travelled. For me, I don’t want to go out every weekend…and my fiancé gets that. For a friend, partying is her way of life. She needs someone to keep up.

“Normal” love is defined by commonalities and similar quirks. My love? That love is defined by what makes me happy. I want to brought flowers and put on a pedestal. There are plenty of girls who don’t want it. This doesn’t mean that her society shouldn’t be the overruling voice in her head telling her that her chemistry lab partner isn’t the person that makes her happy. Rules and status force unsure personalities into molds that later destroy them. I have seen many relationships fail because of petty influences.

The reasons for falling in love…or even “in like” shouldn’t be something that is defined as “normal love.” It doesn’t work for everyone.


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