Bags for the Chill Ma

Plus there is a top handle for when you feel sassy and want to go have some vodka clubs…

As a purse aficionado, I find it to be my duty to share with all the other moms out there what the best way is to carry around all the crap needed while being a HMIC. (In case that flew over your head it’s head mom in charge. Bitch is too drastic)

Anywho, we all know the feeling. You get up early, the babe is still napping, and you actually shower and brush your hair. There’s an extra spring in your step, and you decide, “oh I’m cute today.” For a fashion lover, what’s the best accessory? For me, it’s my bag.

Here’s a couple bags I want you guys to keep in your running when searching for a new bag all complied in my head while listening to the Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood theme song:

    1. Longchamp Small Le Pliage Shoulder Tote: This Betty is on the more expensive side for a budget friendly bitch, but it’s worth it. The only drawback, as everyone knows, nylon bags can fray on the corners. So, don’t…throw it around? But, I call this $125 bag my on the go baby purse bag. Yes, I use the large version for my actual “mommin is a habit” bag, but the small over the shoulder is perfect when you get to the point that you think you can wing it with one diaper, a package of wipes, and a pacifier. Let’s call this bag your “living on the edge” bag. But Kate, Longchamps don’t have any compartments! But, Betty..there’s this thing and I lurv it: It’s an insert, and it’s not the one for $60.
    2. Cocktail Crossbody Bag: Girl, did you not go check out Who What Wear after my last post? Seriously. Go, and get this bag too. It’s a gingham, crossbody with just enough room for your money and car keys. Cross body bags free up your hands and make sure that they aren’t bulky and in your way while you are carrying a squirmy toddler who doesn’t want anything to do with being carried. Easy, peasy..and plus there is a top handle for when you feel sassy and want to go have some vodka clubs.
    3. Zooawa Diaper Bag, Large Capacity Baby Nappy Tote Multi Pockets Travel Handbag: Amazon prime lovers, unite! Log on and grab this just under $35 diaper bag with a perfect amount of room. Guess what? When you put too much in your bags, you can never find what you need when you need it. Baby crying? No pacifier anywhere…need a diaper change? You’re only grabbing your backup onesie. ¬†Should I keep momsplaining? I really don’t want to. Make sure you pack what you know you’ll use and leave your “just in case” items in your car in a larger tote (along with backup formula and water bottles) No need to look like a crazy in front of everyone at the mall. Actually, nevermind– who cares? You prob have a cute AF kid, carry 6 bags for all I care.

I’m over the “I can use my Louis Vuitton for a baby bag” people. I was one of them. You know how damn heavy that was?! Sure, use your $1100 purse to carry around diapers and be at risk for spills of baby food and formula. After my son’s bottle became uncapped in my Neverfull, I.nearly.died.

One last pro-tip: Use 10 minutes of your time to just clean out and reorganize your bag each night or every two nights. You’ll be surprised at what falls into your bag, and what you throw in there when your pressed for time. If anything, you’ll feel more in control of something in your life, even if your baby won’t stop spitting up on every new outfit you change into 10 minutes before work. #spitupisthebestaccessory

Love you, mean it.



What’s in my baby bag

Packing in general gives me heart palpitations. So, when talk of baby bags came up in conversation, I was…stressed out. I’m an overpacker, so the fact that I would have to pack an everyday bag for an infant…forget it.

Going off the notion that I wanted to be #instafamous, I decided to play off of those beautiful mothers that everyone sees with their hair curled and their designer baby bags. When I was given a super generous birthday present from my husband, I quickly decided my Louis Vuitton Neverfull would be filled with baby essentials…I just had to figure out how I would control my urge to overpack.

Long story short, the Louis didn’t cut it. I packed up my essentials with an insert I got off Amazon for about $15.00 and works wonders. Don’t get the ToteSavvy unless you have loads of money, because those puppies will run you over $50. Anywho, my bag was ALWAYS full, regardless of the famous name, “Neverfull” and was so heavy that I just ended up winging it on outings and leaving the diaper bag in the car…and hoping for the best.

I soon realized that I still wanted to be stylish and practical, so I switched to a nylon Longchamp and put my insert in there. It has been such a life changer. Below you’ll find my short list of must haves:

  1. 4-6 diapers. I use the Pamper’s Swaddlers…but a free diaper is just that, so take what you get and make sure to pay attention to when you are getting low…because seriously, no one likes a baby with no diapers. It’s really messy.
  2. Wipes. Again, this is a given, but it’s still on the list.
  3. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. It’s a mommy go-to, but use what you want. This just helps out with diaper rash.
  4. Burp Cloths. I am obsessed with Aden and Anais. I know they are kind of expensive, but the material is really absorbent and come in adorable patterns. I like the burpy bibs.
  5. Cotton Recieving Blanket: I got mine from Babies R Us, and they came in a pack. I use it to cover up public bathroom changing tables or for him to lay on if I have to change him in the car, etc. **You can also use a cloth diaper.
  6. Change of Clothes. Pack an outfit or two, but I just pack a couple onesies, extra cotton hat, a pair of socks, and a pair of stretchy pants. Keep it simple, because they are just going to spit up on it.
  7. Pacifier and pacifier wipes. I like the orthodontic ones from Nuk, but you’ll figure out what your baby will like. I usually don’t use the wipes, but if you want to look like a good mom in front of people, you can use one…even though I just use my mouth/run it under water. Oops, sorry about it.
  8. Diaper plastic bags. My friend gave me this for a shower present, and it’s something you wouldn’t think of. If you are a mom, but your friends still are too drunk to find their phone…they may not want the smell of a dirty diaper in their bathroom trash. It’s basically a plastic bag that is made by Arm and Hammer that cloaks the scent of anything undesirable.
  9. Camera. This is just me being a new mom, but it’s nice to have a camera around so you can capture some moments that you’ll later show his first prom date.