2014 Beauty Favorites

A piece written for Nikki’s blog!

Check her out: Beauty Box Beginners

Beauty Box Beginners

Make up can get real old right? One day, you have a fantastic on “fleek” day, and then you fail…miserably. You may do the same routine, and get different results. If you’re anything like me, you get over things real quick…and discover a new item you just can’t get enough of. Needless to say, I get you…and I’ve got you covered. Nikki is kind enough to let me rant and rave about my faves from the past month her page. She’s into beauty boxes…and I am too. I’m really into trying new things, binge watching beauty YouTube gurus, and perfecting my winged eyeliner.

In 2014, because we’re a little late for monthly favorites, I loved approximately 65 beauty products. No, I won’t be evaluating most of them…because I don’t remember the ones that I was over after a week.


Ok, so I never actually realized that primer was as…

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