Step Two

2) Shop, but shop smart. Going to the mall is inevitable, but spending all your money is in your control! In order to stop draining your bank account, go with a friend who knows you’re trying to stop spending money. They will most likely stop you from justifying a dumb purchase. If they don’t, get new friends! Lol.

In my opinion, instant gratification is the sole issue with shopaholics. I want it now, if I don’t get it today…they will disappear forever. I have some news for you, they don’t disappear…and in 2 months, all of them will move to the sale shelf for half off. Get smart! Realize that the item you want can be on sale as fast at 2 weeks! Sometimes, the wait is worth it…because you are able either convince yourself you do NOT want the item anyway…or you can make a reasonable decision about the item.

Let’s do this together, guys! Let’s be rational and smart!


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