Two Day Hiatus…Failed.

After a 2 day hiatus of not spending any money I didn’t have to, I broke down and went online shopping on Wanelo. Oops…Luckily, for my wallet, I only bought something for $7.00. Afterwards, I had the worst shopper’s remorse and contemplated returning the item before it got to my house. But, I decided it had been something I wanted, and I justified keeping it. Feel free to give me a judgement face! I’m judging my weakness as well.

However, this post is not all about my new fail. I do have my third tip for saving money. Take cash out instead of always swiping your debit or credit card. When you do this, you’re able to visually see your money depleting. It is an eye opening process that shows you just how much money you are spending in a day.

I used to be afraid that if I carried cash around with me, I was more at risk for getting mugged. This is probably the dumbest thing you can think! Even though there is more available money for someone to take, what are the chances a mugger knows you are indeed carrying cash?

Take a minute and look at your wallet right now. Ask yourself…how much money did I have in here last night? What did I spend it on? Was it worth it? If you can justify all your expenses, then you’re in the clear.

Ask yourself, is there anything that I DON’T have to spend money on?

…get back to me.


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