Eating Out is Eating Away at my Bank Account…

Let’s just say I’m convinced I am a lost cause. However, I have been cooking more! And no…not “tomato soup” or heated up V8 juice. Whatever! Pinterest has been a phenomenal help when you are trying to learn how to cook.

My boyfriend still laughs at my attempts, but he says I do have my moments of cooking correctly. Wahoo!Anywho, my biggest vice IS eating out. This is probably due to: (1) Laziness (2) Incompetence (3) None of my friends cook either. Oops on our part? My friends and I are definitely “eclectic” eaters. We enjoy trying different foods and different restaurants. Is that not an excuse?   

Basically, my laziness extends to my lack of excitement for packing my own lunch for work as well. This means, I will stop off somewhere before work for breakfast, then leave the office to get something for lunch…and unfortunately, if my parents are working late…I get dinner with a friend. Let’s do that math: Breakfast: $7, Lunch: $8-15 depending on where I go, Dinner: $20 or more.

Look away. I’m blushing and embarrassed. I know I’ve said it before, but I promise I’ll be better!


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