Surveys? Reviewer? What Have I Gotten Myself Into!?

Because of my career situation, you know…not having one and stuff, I’ve decided I need to pick up a second job to soften the blow of my bills. Being the optimistic bitch I am, I figure I can do anything I set my mind to! Little did I realize, that isn’t the case. Since I graduated school, I have been more and more focused on what I’m doing with the rest of my life. I’ve come up fairly empty-handed.

To be honest, I want to be a freelancer. I want to be able to sit in a starbies all day and write to the public. I want to write blogs, articles, and be interacting with people. Oh, and get paid a sick nasty amount. Where is that job? It probably doesn’t exist. But, my positive mind has told me, “Don’t give up!” So, I went on my merry way, googling the crap out the statement “get paid to freelance.” In the past, I came up with nothing.

Two nights ago, I stumbled upon a website: Basically, this is like the classifieds for freelancers. I filled out my profile and started applying to jobs. I got a hit not even an hour into being a member! It was for daily writing: 2-5 articles per day and around 400 words each. I didn’t know what I was getting into, so I accepted it. After the fact, I realized that my excitement was for nothing. After contacting the client, I realized that this wasn’t going to be what I thought it was. Instead of this being a casual 2 to 5 articles per day that I could complete whenever I wanted, I would have to juggle both my almost full-time job and these articles each day. I am hoping that my next endeavor on this website will be a positive one.

While looking around the Internet I figured that I could get paid to review certain products, so I signed up to be a “taker of surveys.” Let me tell you, it’s a con job. No joke it’s a con job. For each survey you take, you could get up to a whopping $.45! If you ask me, this is the stupidest idea ever.  So, I decided that I would go onto another website. This time to review new artists. I will get six cents each review and I would have to listen to the song for 90 seconds. Not only is this a colossal waste of time, you have to listen to some freaking terrible music. Needless to say the struggle is real.

In conclusion, I’d like to say that freelancing is where my heart is, but as of right now it will stay my part time job. Until of course I hit it big and become the modern day Carrie Bradshaw.

xoxo- Kate


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