Back at it…and Embarassed

There is no doubt I stopped writing because I’ve been busy…but there is a side reason as well…I’m back at spending, but wisely. Is that a thing? Is bargain hunting bad? I sure hope not. It seems to me that there is no grey area with deciding to stop spending frivolous money. You either lose all hope, or you don’t even spend money on gas. I’ve decided to break all of these stereotypes. Let’s be real, rationalization at its finest here, folks.

Why deprive ourselves? Saving money is like dieting. When you deprive yourself of an ice cream cone or a cookie, you tend to break your diet more and HARDER. So, I’m proposing, save…but spend responsibly. (I sound like a beer commercial) Don’t fool yourself, because if you are an instant gratification gal or guy, you always will be…let’s look at the hard facts. How would you know? Take a second and think about the past couple of days. Did you think about how much better your room would look organized? What about how much better it would be if your kitchen plates were in a different place? And then think about your reaction. If you went out to Bed Bath and Beyond or the Container Store and GOT and organization rack without weighing out the pros and cons…you’re instant gratification. FACE IT. I know I know…now let’s get over it and DEAL.

Since we last spoke, I left my job because of unhappiness. I still work for the company, just in a different, closer place. BUT this cause a severe dent in my wallet due to lack of paychecks. SIGH. Talk about struggle. Here’s a tip: During unemployment…don’t spend. Seriously, you’ll need your extra cash while looking for a job…or in my case, racking up hours again so you have a reasonable paycheck.

I have spend less money on eating on the way to school or work, which I am very proud of myself. I have taken advantage of my savings account, and decided to start putting money in (for the long run…and my dream wedding) (just kidding?)

Okay, time to jet. My room has been painted and I am SO EXCITED to see it… pictures? Okay…whatevs.


Happy Saving/Spending/Being Responsible?



Stop Eating Out!

This may be THE WORST part about this whole endeavour. Not only can I not cook, but I’m the epitome of lazy…in the best way possible. Today I made cereal for breakfast (what an accomplishment!) and went on to use some hard-boiled eggs to make egg salad on a bagel. Although somewhat healthy, I decided that I was still hungry, and decided to make further mistakes.

Frustrated beyond belief, I decided I would try to make some pasta with chicken. But I’m deathly afraid I won’t cook chicken long enough. So, I opted for a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup. Laughable.

Looking through my pantry, I found tomato paste and V8 juice…and poured the together on the stove. I proceeded to take bread out and slices of American cheese. As I cooked, I felt a sense of pride…only to be swept off my high horse during my first taste.

I HATE tomatoes..and more to the point, it’s summer. Why would I eat tomato soup and grilled cheese on a 87 degree day?! At least I tried right? I think my boyfriend would find all of this rather comical, since he’s in culinary school.

My advice on this subject: If you live with a parent/spouse/boyfriend or girlfriend that cooks…watch them. Learn from them, I know what I’ll be doing.Image