Another Day Another Dollar

Since we last spoke, I traveled down to Long Beach Island to go on family vacation. I realized that I wouldn’t have access to a computer…but, alas, I am able to write about my demise via iPad. SIGH. The things that have happened since I’ve been here. Even though I have unsubscribed to many email lists, they are relentless! Unfortunately, many companies have not gotten the clue that I do not want to be part of their terrible club of constant buying pointless crap I don’t need.
As my readers, I feel that we should be totally honest with each other. I bought hard this week. I know I’m sorry. Don’t give me that judgement face.

I first became sucked in by because their selection of shoes is beyond amazing. I bought clearance heels for $20.95. Not so bad right? Well, read on. I also ordered a pair of adorable Jack Rogers that were off of with another $20.00 credit that was given to me by their emails. I’M SORRY! I couldn’t help myself. I know I’m in denial, and I apologize severely.

Ok, confession over. That’s all that was hanging over my head. I need to buckle down!! My addiction to shopping is so materialistic and I hate myself for it!

Sigh sigh sigh. On a higher note, I have withheld myself from shopping on vacation. From the obvious alcohol purchases and food, I have yet to buy anything stupid.

I have had enough grief from my mother, so please find it in your heart to forgive me! Saving starts….Monday?


Regression…Time for an Intervention

Although I seem to work 40-45 hours a week, I don’t seem to get paid enough. But, the money that I do get, I’ve been trying to save. I decided I would open a free online savings account. I chose Capital One 360. It’s simple enough to get started…and transferring money is not instant so if I am in a spending spree, my saved money is safe.


Unfortunately, I still can’t get past my online shopping problem. I received an e-mail from a website (who shall remain nameless) that gave me about $15 in credit to spend. Naturally, I clicked on the link and went to the sale shoes. Immediately I found a pair of super cute shoes for $24.99 with free I only had to pay the difference. Right? WRONG. I know I’m rationalizing again…It’s the principle of stopping the urge! Why am I so tempted to purchase more crap I don’t need?


When they were delivered to my house, I was at work, so I couldn’t intercept the package. My mom gladly took the package inside and sent me a snarky text about my shopping habits. But I really do think my problem is getting worse since I’ve tried to start saving money. I usually walk around different drug stores to look at the Essie nail polish displays with my best friend. Last night, I went to the 24-hour CVS down the block from my house, and my friend had to literally drag me out kicking and screaming.


Le sigh. Why aren’t pretty things free?