Another Day Another Dollar

Since we last spoke, I traveled down to Long Beach Island to go on family vacation. I realized that I wouldn’t have access to a computer…but, alas, I am able to write about my demise via iPad. SIGH. The things that have happened since I’ve been here. Even though I have unsubscribed to many email lists, they are relentless! Unfortunately, many companies have not gotten the clue that I do not want to be part of their terrible club of constant buying pointless crap I don’t need.
As my readers, I feel that we should be totally honest with each other. I bought hard this week. I know I’m sorry. Don’t give me that judgement face.

I first became sucked in by because their selection of shoes is beyond amazing. I bought clearance heels for $20.95. Not so bad right? Well, read on. I also ordered a pair of adorable Jack Rogers that were off of with another $20.00 credit that was given to me by their emails. I’M SORRY! I couldn’t help myself. I know I’m in denial, and I apologize severely.

Ok, confession over. That’s all that was hanging over my head. I need to buckle down!! My addiction to shopping is so materialistic and I hate myself for it!

Sigh sigh sigh. On a higher note, I have withheld myself from shopping on vacation. From the obvious alcohol purchases and food, I have yet to buy anything stupid.

I have had enough grief from my mother, so please find it in your heart to forgive me! Saving starts….Monday?


Trick Your Mind

When you get the itch to go shopping, clean your room. I swear it works! If you are as messy as I can be, cleaning off a chair filled with clothing can almost be like shopping, without hurting your wallet. You tend to find things that have been out of your sight for weeks! This goes for periodically cleaning out your dresser and refolding clothing. You are able to rotate your clothes and find a piece that you forgot you had! Sometimes, I am able to go through my whole dresser and find items you never even wore! Last night, I found 3 pairs of Gap pants that I completely forgot I bought, and was able to create fantastic outfits with them! This was from yesterday:

OOTD: Gap Neon Pink Khaki, Chiffon sleeveless shirt from Urban Outfitters and Jack Rogers Platinum sandals.

The benefits of cleaning out your room are endless. You are able to dive into an abyss filled with clothing and come out with a clean, organized room AND “new” clothes! This also goes for “taking inventory” of your make-up and jewelry collection. I am the biggest repeat offender of keeping make-up I don’t use. It’s like I have separation anxiety from it. GET OVER IT AND THROW IT OUT! If it’s old, past it’s expiration date, the wrong color, broken, or empty…throw it OUT! Don’t take up space with items you do not use.

Jewelry is a little bit tricky when it comes to taking inventory. I suggest separating items into expensive and cheap, costume types. After you have done that, examine each piece and determine if there are any broken parts, and if it is worth getting it repaired. If not, throw it out. If you like what’s on the necklace, take the pendants off and save them for a potential future project. As for expensive pieces, hang them or store them away from other pieces. This way, they do not have the potential to be tangled…and you can see everything clearly.


Stay tuned for more ideas…and try your hardest not to spend today!