Just A Little Story

This is somewhat an old story, fantastic laughs and totally true. I did have another blog, but I never got it started. I decided I’d share this here!

PS- I’m letting ya’ll laugh at my misfortune.

Alright friends, let’s talk about a little thing called wild life. To be more exact, a deer running head on into the side of your car, at 6:30 in the morning. Those suckers are solid as hell. I’d be the first to tell you.

Let’s do a run down of the sitch: I was called into work an hour early, and could NOT get out of my own way while getting ready. Although I was running late, I stopped for a coffee, AND was listening to the radio. For those who know me, homegirl needs her coffee and always listens to her iPod…so this is a weird day already. Anyway, half way through my 45 minute trek through farm land (or whatever PA suburbs call themselves) a freakin’ deer came out from the woods and ran straight into the driver’s side of the door. Not only did I scream loud enough to wake up the entire neighborhood, but all the drivers around me stopped to see if I had died.


Let’s just say, everyone knew I wasn’t from “around there.” Whatever. Deers are bitches, and I hate all of them. My car, my poor baby Sloane Peterson, had been damaged. So much so, that I could not get out of my side of the car. Just my luck really, as if people didn’t find my behavior awkward already, climbing through the passenger side of a car REALLY makes people just say, “BOY! That girl is all sorts of normal!”

After telling my entire family about my brush with a beast unknown to my parts, my family started sending me “Joe Buck, Attorney at Law” flyers, complete with a picture of a buck (male deer for all you common suburban people) in a suit, posing for a picture.

"Joe Buck: Attorney At Law"

Needless to say, my misfortune became my family’s main source of humor for more than a couple days.

Beteedubs: The deer didn’t die, which my faithful protector was super disappointed about. In his words “That would-a been dinner!” AND my car’s damage was more than 5 grand. BUT! I’m fairly happy I am safe and I wasn’t damaged in the process.