Things I’m Loving: Fall 2016

I realize that my blog name is just the opposite of what I do on a daily basis– which is shop for unnecessary clothes and home decor…but, whatever sue me. Anyway, here are the things I’m loving lately:

Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner: Not only is this planner organized by month and day, you have the option to use the timed organization on each weekday page. The hours go from 6am- 9pm, so you’ll be pretty much covered, except for the rager you’re going to at 9:30…sorry about that. Anyway, I have the mini gold pineapples on my cover, but there are such great options if golden fruit isn’t for you. Sign up for their emails, you’ll get some great coups.

Kirklands: If you aren’t #blessed enough to have a store near you, go online and say buhbye to your money. No, just smart and download their app. It’s a more organized home goods, and if you know me…I love a good home goods! They have pillows, furniture, and whatever else you def don’t need…but totally want. **Same goes for World Market. That place is a freakin’ castle of treasures.

Caramel Brulee Latte: Yes. This is a Starbucks drink…and yes, I’m aware this makes me look like a complete basic loser, but I’m in love. Go, get a holiday cup and enjoy the sugar coma for a couple hours…it’s worth it.

Lilly Pulitzer Romper: I got mine on sale, but there are plenty of options on the website for an alternative. The closest one to mine is this one. I am slowly buying outfits for my VERY late to the game “honeymoon” in February. I also snatched up this during my last trip in. **It was an essential, so I don’t want to hear it.

Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Deep Gray Matte: As if I wasn’t painting you a nice basic picture of myself just yet…here’s the final nail. This color is literally everything. I’m usually a Nars fan, but I traded in my loyalty for this color…and I’m not looking back, so deal with it. Buy it, and thank me later.

That’s it for now, friends. Stay tuned for an affordable gift guide next week!

Love you, mean it.


Home Decor: Entryway Edition

How many of you are in love with those old houses with huge entryways that are perfectly designed? No one? Just me? Ok, liars.

When we bought our house, we were super excited to just move in our furniture and start decorating. Needless to say, a year later…and I’m just starting to realize what I love. As my mother says, I have champagne taste, and I don’t exactly have a paycheck that gives me what I actually want…so I have to improvise. To add to that, we live in a ranch, so you literally walk right into our living room/dining room. Here’s how I made this space more “homey.”


The Overview

I wanted something that was practical with a touch of not so practical. (Get over it…how many pumpkins do you need? You aren’t making a pie) The little mirrors are less than helpful for checking your make-up before you go out the door, but they are cute and from Target, so they were affordable. If you want practical, Kirklands has some great pre-Black Friday sales going on right now. Each season, I plan on tweaking certain items so that it is seasonally appropriate. The more permanent items are more neutral.



The Deets

Mail tray: kate spade (60.00) Alternate mail organizers

Dots Vase: kate spade (140.00) Alternate without dots

Entryway Table(99.99), Bowl (10.99) , Runner (14.99) , Owl pair (14.99), “Happy Thanksgiving” plaque (5.99) , “Give Thanks” pumpkin (12.99) , pilar candles (4.99) : Home Goods

Candle: Yankee Candle (make sure to have a coupon…those jawns are expensive!) This candle is Apple Pumpkin. (27.99)

Birdcage: Michael’s (18.99)

The two most expensive items on the table were wedding presents, however…you can always find cheaper options. In a couple of weeks, I’ll be updating the table to be more seasonally appropriate for Christmas/winter. Can’t wait what kind of items I find! Stay tuned.

Love you, mean it.


Home Decor: Mantle Edition

Before owning a house, I couldn’t stand certain looks…gold was one of them. If anyone has been in my house as of late–I can’t get enough. I love mixing metals with different colors, and I have a big beautiful fireplace and accent brick wall that just screams, “PUT GOLD ON ME!” So, I listened, and the result makes me super happy.

The deets:

Make sure to mix up you woods and pick a metal. I’m not brave to mix metals JUST yet, but I’m open to it in the future. I picked an accent color of teal for my den, so I mixed that in with some gold accented picture frames, some dark and painted white woods, and some candles. My inspo came from Juliesheartandhome on Instagram. She runs a blog with her sister, and I wish I had her magical powers.

I divided the mantle into three parts:

img_8692-1I got the C’est la Vie and both of the picture frames from Home Goods. The vase was a wedding present from Lenox, but it’s easy to find an affordable version. The pineapple print is from etsy. It is a print from the TV Show, Psych. I chose to put a candid picture from our wedding in the white and gold frame.


For the middle of the mantle, I chose a white and gold from Home Goods that was about $12.00. The candle and candle holder are also from Home Goods. The anchor book ends are from Target. The anchors are gone, but they have some SUPER cute ones available now.  I kept the middle of the mantle lower than the other two sides to keep it a bit interesting.


The last part, I found these pineapples and frame at Home goods. I kept with a pineapple theme from the print on the other side of the mantle. The larger print in the back was found at TJ Maxx. The print in the smaller frame was made by me, and it the first conversation that I had with my husband in college…I made it with an app called Retype. I initially made it as a joke, and I thought it was a fun thing to put into the display.

The entire mantle cost me about $100 in total. When I started off collecting these items, I wanted to do a photo collage on a wall in my living room; however, I started realizing that my mantle needed some love.When you are designing your mantle, remember that it should have personal touches. If you love pineapples or chevrons, add 3 pieces that feature that in the space you are decorating.

Moral of the story? As my grandmother once said, “Don’t force design. Wait for your house to speak to you.” …but your house isn’t going to actually speak…you’ll just realize what you really want after a while.

My advice? STALK home decor stores and websites. Go to the clearance aisle and really look. If you see something…BUY IT. You will be driven MAD if you walk away from it, but you can always return if you decide it isn’t for you. I’m still looking for flying pig candle holders that I walked away from a couple weeks ago.

KK, love you..mean it.

What’s in my baby bag

Packing in general gives me heart palpitations. So, when talk of baby bags came up in conversation, I was…stressed out. I’m an overpacker, so the fact that I would have to pack an everyday bag for an infant…forget it.

Going off the notion that I wanted to be #instafamous, I decided to play off of those beautiful mothers that everyone sees with their hair curled and their designer baby bags. When I was given a super generous birthday present from my husband, I quickly decided my Louis Vuitton Neverfull would be filled with baby essentials…I just had to figure out how I would control my urge to overpack.

Long story short, the Louis didn’t cut it. I packed up my essentials with an insert I got off Amazon for about $15.00 and works wonders. Don’t get the ToteSavvy unless you have loads of money, because those puppies will run you over $50. Anywho, my bag was ALWAYS full, regardless of the famous name, “Neverfull” and was so heavy that I just ended up winging it on outings and leaving the diaper bag in the car…and hoping for the best.

I soon realized that I still wanted to be stylish and practical, so I switched to a nylon Longchamp and put my insert in there. It has been such a life changer. Below you’ll find my short list of must haves:

  1. 4-6 diapers. I use the Pamper’s Swaddlers…but a free diaper is just that, so take what you get and make sure to pay attention to when you are getting low…because seriously, no one likes a baby with no diapers. It’s really messy.
  2. Wipes. Again, this is a given, but it’s still on the list.
  3. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. It’s a mommy go-to, but use what you want. This just helps out with diaper rash.
  4. Burp Cloths. I am obsessed with Aden and Anais. I know they are kind of expensive, but the material is really absorbent and come in adorable patterns. I like the burpy bibs.
  5. Cotton Recieving Blanket: I got mine from Babies R Us, and they came in a pack. I use it to cover up public bathroom changing tables or for him to lay on if I have to change him in the car, etc. **You can also use a cloth diaper.
  6. Change of Clothes. Pack an outfit or two, but I just pack a couple onesies, extra cotton hat, a pair of socks, and a pair of stretchy pants. Keep it simple, because they are just going to spit up on it.
  7. Pacifier and pacifier wipes. I like the orthodontic ones from Nuk, but you’ll figure out what your baby will like. I usually don’t use the wipes, but if you want to look like a good mom in front of people, you can use one…even though I just use my mouth/run it under water. Oops, sorry about it.
  8. Diaper plastic bags. My friend gave me this for a shower present, and it’s something you wouldn’t think of. If you are a mom, but your friends still are too drunk to find their phone…they may not want the smell of a dirty diaper in their bathroom trash. It’s basically a plastic bag that is made by Arm and Hammer that cloaks the scent of anything undesirable.
  9. Camera. This is just me being a new mom, but it’s nice to have a camera around so you can capture some moments that you’ll later show his first prom date.


What to Expect when You Weren’t Exactly Trying to Expect Anything..

Back in January, I was still trying to pursue my Insta famous and blog lifestyle, when something in the pit of my stomach told me that I may be pregnant. I was not trying nor was it the right time for my husband and I to bring a child into the world. However, after taking a pregnancy test and having a class five anxiety attack… I realized it was a blessing in disguise.

My pregnancy was not my favorite thing, but the reward at the end was so amazing. Although everyone says that a baby is expensive– but not in a way you can see right away…so I’m here to uncover the hidden expenses of your new bundle of joy.

Your Doctor Appointments aren’t always covered
Depending on insurance, you can be caught paying for ultrasounds, blood work, and various genetic testing that are always good to get…but not the most cost effective. Don’t even think that your cool 3D image of your baby is remotely covered…and if it is, you’re lucky AF. If your experience is anything like mine, your doctor’s office might not completely understand your insurance and tell you there was no copay, and send you various bills in the mail. Later on in my pregnancy, I went to the doctor every week. Each week, I would receive an envelope in the mail containing a bill for my copay. #super

Maternity Clothes
You know what’s fun? Shopping for overpriced maternity items because the clothing industry KNOWS you have to give in and buy some maternity items. Talk about a fun lesson in economics. Even though I didn’t buy much, I had to buy pants…and the cheapest I could find were some pairs at target on a major sale…so go there for some clothing staples. My suggestion? Find jeggings and maxis. If you are pregnant in the winter, invest in two pairs of pants. Jeans and another pair. It’s easy to find cheap and pretty shirts than a pair of pants for a reasonable price.

Breast Pumps
Ask your doctor about insurance covered pumps…and if you are not pumping– ask your doctor for samples of formula. (The pediatrician will have plenty) An average pump can range in price anywhere from $150-450! I don’t have that kind of cash, my friends.

The Hospital Copay
This can depend on your insurance also, but mine was $500…so keep that in mind when you are planning your birth plan. Also- I didn’t have a birth plan, so don’t ask me for advice on that.
For 500 bucks, get your money out of it– grab those newborn diapers and mesh underwear for your postpartum weeks ahead.

So you are having a baby shower? Great. Make sure to REGISTER smart. Yes, clothes are adorable…but no one wants a baby with cute clothes and no diapers. Very messy. Trust me, your friends and family will buy you clothes.

Register for wipes, diapers, dreft, and things you NEED. My go-to list for cheap will be up in a couple days, so stay tuned.

Make sure to get some basic onesies and 4-5 outfits in newborn. My baby was in newborn for just TWO WEEKS…so keep that in mind. AND, at 5 weeks, my baby is almost out of 3 month because he is so tall.

If your friend/family member is having a baby– give them a necessity. It is a lot more of a relief than a cute outfit (then get some cute clothes when the baby is born!)

You think you’re going to want to cook after giving birth? Yea, you’re a psycho. Not only will you forget to go to the bathroom, you will forget what time it is, too. If you want to help a friend out, cook some frozen meals. If you have some time before you give birth, put some crock pot meals together and make some casseroles. Try not to order food every night, even though it’s tempting.

Food for the baby? Don’t give up on breastfeeding right away, try it for a couple weeks. Formula is VERY expensive. Much like maternity clothes, the industry knows you have to buy it. I tried pumping and breast feeding for 3 weeks, and then switched to formula. This is when you ask the pediatrician for those samples.

Yea, we all know childcare is an expense…but do you know HOW expensive? I’m literally still having panic attacks about it. Unless you’re a Rockefeller, you may have to go back to work. Nannies, in-home help, and day cares have fees and tuitions that are actually insane. It’s not Harvard. If you have an irregular work schedule FREAKING FORGET trying to find weekend help. So make sure you budget yourself, and ask for some favors along the way. A plate of brownies for your in-laws or neighbor could go a long way.

I’ve only been a mom for a month, so give me some other ideas! The only thing I know is that I have to leave my 6 week old baby while I brave the retail world JUST in time for the holidays. Don’t dogs get 8 weeks?


Slowly, my scars healed, and my heart healed, too.

What I Haven’t Thanked My Niece For Yet : Originally posted on Real Talk Magazine

It was the beginning of winter 2010 and my first actual boyfriend had just broken up with me. My relationship was bad and my friends and family told me to leave, but I didn’t. Then the unthinkable happened; he left me. Not having any prior experience, I wasn’t sure how to direct my feelings. I laid in bed every day, skipped all my classes, drank and smoked almost everyday, and started not showing up to meetings and events. My roommates and friends stopped at my school’s apartments and gave me food and coffee. They all secretly spoke to my mother about my issues, and my parents had plans to pull me out at the end of the semester.

After seeing my ex beau out enjoying himself, only weeks after the break up, I felt more miserable than ever. We had been going out about ten months, and I had changed almost everything about myself. I had become, in my opinion, the perfect girlfriend. I did not have my own personality anymore. I started liking different music, smoking almost a pack of cigarettes per day, and never had an opinion that was different than his. No one understood the pain I felt, and each friend encouraged me to leave him in the dust. Looking back now, I’m glad he did what he did. I will never thank him for putting me through the crap he put me through during our relationship, but I am thankful he let me go.

One Friday afternoon my roommates had left for their weekend festivities, and I was left alone in my apartment. I wasn’t sure what my plans were for that weekend, but I knew they weren’t very special. I walked into the bathroom, took my razor, and cut my wrist. The pain was amazing, like something I’ve never felt before. It was a release of anger and pain that I was feeling in my head and my heart. I looked down at the fresh wound and couldn’t believe myself. Who was I? I’m a happy girl. Happy girls don’t do this. I am a good girl. Good girls talk about their feelings. I started to fade into a dizzy state. I was high off the pain. I cut again. This time I bled more. I sat on the floor of my bathroom, and cried. I thought, What is my life coming to? Why did I do that? Just then, I heard a knock at my door and my best friend, Tony, barged into my apartment as if he knew something was wrong. He yelled out my name and immediately opened the bathroom door. He screamed in sheer terror, picked me up, and raced me to the couch. He called my therapist, my therapist called my parents, and my parents called the school. That day was the end of my career at my university. I was deemed “unstable” to be in the dorms at school. I was a threat to my roommates and myself.

I was ordered by the dean of academic affairs to leave campus and go home for an evaluation immediately. One was scheduled for the day after I came home. I met with my regular therapist, and we went over the entire story leading up to cutting about 100 times. We talked about my sadness, what I felt, and if I had plans on going back to school. My second evaluation came after my therapist recommended I see a psychiatrist.

I was deemed unfit to go back to my university. I went back to gather my items on my own, and drove back the next morning. I felt helpless and hopeless. Like nothing in this world was worth living for. I lost my friends, I lost my sorority sisters, and most importantly, I gave up on my degree. I left 18 credits to be unfulfilled, and my great memories to just be memorialized in pictures.

I still wanted to take my own life, nothing in my head made me think otherwise. My mother and I would cry. She would watch me while I took showers and while I slept. For the next 2-3 months I was never alone, although I had never felt more alone in my life.

As I started to realize that my new life didn’t include friends and partying, I began to spend more time with my sister. She had given birth in early May of that year. I drove 45 minutes upstate every week on Fridays, and spent time with my newborn niece.

Going up to visit Cecelia began the new routine for me, a new way to take myself out of my own body. To concentrate on someone else. Each week, I looked forward to going up and having pizza Friday with my sister, brother-in-law, and niece I would escape from my reality.

I had never seen someone look at me with such love before, with such dependence. I would hold her in my arms and my body felt relaxed. I felt as if I had a reason to be alive. My niece needed me. She depended on me when her mother and father were at work, and she depended on me to be an adult.

One morning, Cecelia had fallen asleep in my arms, and her hands wrapped around my fingers. I stared at her fingernails. I saw how little her hands, her face, and her toes were. At that moment, I decided I would live for Cecelia. Although I did not want to live for myself, I would say alive, for her. She was different than the other people in my life. I felt that I had a responsibility to her. I had a role to play, and role that was new and exciting. She inspired me to stay alive. I had finally realized that I was not the center of the world, and I had to grow up.

As miserable as I still was, I would pick up the razor and put it back down. Visions, of events not yet happened, went through my head. One still stands in my mind: Cecelia was flipping through the pages of a photo album at my parent’s house. She had just turned 12, and she was looking for a picture of her with her parents. She was going to be giving them a picture frame as a present. There was a young woman holding her at the hospital. She looked so happy! Who was she? Cecelia went to my sister and point to the girl. It was me, but she wouldn’t know me.

I thought of the things I would never be able to do with her, the events I would miss, the fun days that I would never be able to see because I was selfish. I thought about her first trip to a Broadway play or her first drink from Starbucks. I thought about the first time she would need some advice about something she didn’t want to ask her mom about. I couldn’t give her a hug and tell her it would be okay.

I would be the taboo subject in my family. People would cry when they thought about me. My niece would never know how to dance to “Call Me, Maybe,” how to pose in pictures with your skinny arms, and do duck faces. My niece taught me how to live again, she taught me how to smile, and she taught me how to love myself, even if I had to learn through someone else.

Slowly, my scars healed, and my heart healed, too. Cecelia was the light out of all of the darkness in my life. As she grew, I grew up. She gave me the motivation to live another day. To see her walk, talk, and dance. I wanted to see her grow up, and I am.

This little girl saved my life and changed my thinking. I think when she’s older, I’ll tell her the story of her Aunt Katie almost not being around. But, maybe she doesn’t need to know the details. One day, she will know why and how important she is. Someday she will know what she did for me.


I finally found myself without medicine, and I could not be prouder.

Originally posted at Real Talk Magazine

First it was Imitrex; only use as needed. The diagnosis was chronic migraines. They didn’t go away. Then, it was Migranal Nasal, with an “as-needed” dosage of Naproxen. I was 17. Every doctor I saw suggested to my parents that we try a new and very trusted drug. It was guaranteed to take all my pain away. I obliged, and my parents encouraged my treatment. I could never blame them for what they did; I was in pain and I was their baby.

My migraines started to get worse and my mother made an appointment with a pediatric neurologist. We talked about my migraines: how they felt, where they started, and when I got them. I answered to the best of my knowledge, but to be honest, I was puzzled too. After several doctor visits, I was ordered to get a CAT scan and an MRI of my head. My imagination was running wild. Did I have a tumor? Why am I getting these migraines?

The tests came out clean, and my doctor had become more concerned by my unknown condition. After going to the emergency room over 15 times in my senior year of high school, my family was at a loss. No one could figure out what was wrong with me. Doctors, family, and friends were puzzled as to why I would sleep for days at a time, and still not feel better. I felt discouraged, I felt like I would always feel this way.

My mother had spoken to several friends, and one made a suggestion that my migraines may be psychosomatic. Later that day, she made an appointment with a psychiatrist. Sure enough, I was diagnosed with mild anxiety issues and I was prescribed Topamax. Apparently, in small doses, it was used to treat migraines. It was also used, in higher doses, to treat high anxiety and seizure disorders.

After taking Topamax for a couple of months, it was time for me to go off to college. I was excited to start my classes for journalism, write for the newspaper, and make new friends.  Although I had the drive to go to my classes, and be involved in extracurricular activities, my high dosage of Topamax caused me to have symptoms of severe ADD.  I could not read my assigned homework or sit still to study. I felt stupid. I felt like I was in a perfect place for knowledge, but could not obtain any of it because of my lack of concentration.

On top of ADD symptoms, I was never hungry. I would eat small portions once a day. Family and friends thought that I was homesick, and during Thanksgiving break, I wasn’t recognized. I had lost over 50 pounds due to the medication. Sounds perfect for a college girl, right? Wrong. I was shaking constantly, and had a dazed look on my face. Some professors even went so far as to ask if I had smoked weed before class.

After many phone calls home, I decided that my medicine was doing more harm than good. My anxiety-induced migraines had become so bad, that I was in the emergency room almost once every three weeks. I would be treated with anything from Naproxen to morphine injections. I made the executive decision to go back to my psychiatrist and talk about my options. There were plenty. What are you feeling? Are you very anxious?  I was asked upwards of 100 questions, and was prescribed Effexor. This time, I would have to wean off of Topamax, while stepping up the new drug. For about two weeks, I was miserable. I felt like I couldn’t shake the feeling of instability. Finally, I could feel my new medicine working. This new drug was stronger, and made me feel more dependent on medication. I was convinced this was how I would live; I wouldn’t be able to have a normal life. I was ashamed.

As I grew older, I found myself less and less willing to take my medicine. I started asking Why? and What will happen if I don’t take it? After several skipped dosages, a couple of temper tantrums, and some big anxiety attacks, I was ready to start taking my medicine regularly again. My spirit was broken, and I knew I was going to live on medication forever. I feel like my surroundings, assumptions, friends, and family were to blame for this. If I know something now, it is that medications as strong as the ones I took have a long half-life. Long enough that I would not be affected if I took a dosage later on in the day. Although it is not recommended, it would not be a big problem. I was convinced, through wrong assumptions, if I was feeling anxious on a specific day that it was solely because I had not taken my medication. I was led to believe that my medication was the alpha and the omega of feeling better. There was no other option. I had successfully convinced myself that taking a pill every day was going to make me better.

After several years of changing dosages and medication brands, I was fed up. I was fed up with depending on a pill for “happiness.” Honestly, it wasn’t happiness. It was a facsimile of happy. My anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medicine had made me lose 50 pounds, have shaky hands, dilated pupils, gain 60 pounds, feel more miserable, have no feelings, and be super happy. Why couldn’t I just be. . .me?

About a year ago, I asked my therapist about a drug-free option. He was ecstatic.  Although he had recommended me to a psychiatrist, my therapist was a non-prescribing social worker with a private practice. To be honest, it was the best way for me to go.  There is no pressure to take medicine, and they have fantastic ways to beat mental illness without drugs.

Without drugs, I learned so much about myself. I learned how strong I can be, and how to pick myself up by my bootstraps. Mental illness can never be “cured;” it isn’t a viral disease. However, depression and anxiety can be kept at bay. I learned to celebrate the little victories; even if I rolled my eyes at myself for celebrating stupid things, I still did it. I made a big deal out of small achievements, and soon, I remembered what it was to have light in my eyes. I learned not to depend on a small pill to tell me how to feel, and how to act. I depended on myself, and only me. I finally found myself without medicine, and I could not be prouder.

No Dog is Free

Clearance puppies ain’t cheap.

A couple of months ago, my husband and I were getting something most folk call, “puppy fever.” We just purchased our first house, we had a handle on the bills, and we had worked out our daily schedules. There was nothing serious thrown around until my husband’s best friend told us about a dog that needed some love.

As the all time biggest pushover, I decided to take a leap of faith and make the trek out to Philly. As I sat in my car, I felt as if I was about to go on a first date. I was nervous, and excited to meet the potential newest member of our little family. Voices in the back of my head made me doubt myself, as visions of not having enough money for the mortgage danced in the back of my head. I still went through with the meeting…as I said, I’m a pushover.

As I walked up the stairs to meet this nugget, I could feel myself getting clammy. I’ve had dogs for years, and yet I was standing outside an apartment door with my husband’s best friend asking myself, “Do I put my hand out first? What if she hates me?”

As he opened the door, a 50 pound lug of a mutt came over to me and immediately jumped on me. Her name was Roxie, and she was free. I can’t exactly remember the next couple of hours, as we trotted around the parking lot of the apartment complex. She was far from leash trained, and as we have found out recently, far from being a listener either. 🙂

I made the game time decision to bring her home with me, with the option to bring her back is she wasn’t right for us. The first night, I renamed her Marlow and she slept in our room. She was very attached to both my husband and I as we tried to watch TV before crashing from a long day. She cried for the better part of the next day, and would not stay in her crate. In fact, she literally BROKE a $100 crate by pure force and anxiety. She wasn’t crate trained either. So, that was fun. My first day as the owner of Marlow, and I had already spend close to $500 on supplies for her.

After having a couple of accidents,tearing most of our office walls to shreds, and stealing my favorite blanket as her own, I decided to take her to a vet about separation anxiety. When I say she would lose it when we left…she would LOSE IT. Most of our wall behind our office door was scraped and torn from 1) getting out of her crate and 2) being in a bedroom for a couple of hours. Needless to say, she doesn’t stay in there anymore.

Anywhos, that vet visit came to a whopping $100 for the visit, and the anxiety meds. (Which we never picked up because I cannot rationalize giving my animal a human sedative.) After a couple of days, and lots of advice from dog owners, we learned other ways to develop a routine with her so that she wouldn’t lose her shit each time we left. After a week or so, we started seeing marked improvement.

After another week or so, homegirl decided to get all fuzzy eyed on us, and start peeing everywhere in the house. Let’s call this vet visit another $150 for a UTI treatment…for a freaking dog. Girlfriend got it bad, and it took well over a week for all of the symptoms to go away. So, let that sink into your carpet…no, literally. -_-

Over the holidays, I worked long hours, and attempted to see my parents in New York a couple of times. With my husband being injured, I felt it best to let Marlow stay at the pet hotel…and JEEZ was that another whopping total of about $300 for all of the stays put together. Not to mention the first time we took her to be boarded and she got so nervous that she went to the bathroom all over herself and we had no choice but to get a bath included, partially because “the other dogs won’t go near her.” By the way, that’s super expensive when they are 50 pounds and over.

I am not exactly complaining about Marlow, because she is a love…I guess, after seeing all of the animals and pets that have been given to children this past holiday, I have to say that although Marlow is tough, my husband and I saw the meaning of having a dog. When a dog is given to you, or a dog is “free,” it’s not. It takes a real fool to not realize that, and this spoiled brat will be with us for at least 10 years or so.




Damn mutts. 🙂

25 Things You Should Spend Your Tax Refund On

Tax season is upon us, and that can only mean one thing…refunds. A tax refund is a refund on taxes when the tax liability is less than the taxes paid. In other words, it’s treat yo’ self o’clock. Get it together girl…this means there’s another list here and you best be excited. I’ve come up with some fun things to do with your refund (if you are lucky enough to get one). 

25 Things You Should Spend Your Tax Refund On

  1. Save it.  For a house, or a dog…whatever you want.
  2. Go see a movie.
  3. Do this.
  4. A new handbag.
  5. A massage.
  6. A concert. A Taytay concert…or maybe Korn…who knows?! It’s up to ya’ll.
  7. Take a bartending class. Pick up some extra cash, YAS gurl.
  8. Here’s a tip: get the entire refund in $1.00 bills and roll around in it.
  9. Buy everyone shots at the bar. This one is dumb, don’t do it.
  10. Get one of these: Southland Cotton. Instagram it to me. I want one, and I’ll live vicariously through you.
  11. Go on a vacation.
  12. Buy your family’s birthday presents in advance.
  13. Pay off you credit card balance.
  14. Take up another language…or just pretend to.
  15. Go get that Target Lilly Pulitzer.
  16. Get all of your t-shirts monogrammed.
  17. Buy some SoPro.
  18. Pretend you’re in a rap video.
  19. Invest it.
  20. Take care of some of dat principle in your student loan.
  21. Sob because you didn’t get money back.
  22. Get mad because you had to pay the state.
  23. Go out on a date with your love.
  24. Go out on a date with your girls.
  25. Buy a new wardrobe….cause girl, you’re too fabulous to do laundry!

Well, that’s that! I’m using mine to get some fabu home decor for my pseudo house. You know, the usual. Anyway…

Love you, mean it. 

Xoxo Kate