My Break-Up Letter to Designer Purchases

We have to see other people, and by other people…I mean I have to see Target, and you have to see my closet.

Dear (kate spade, Longchamp, Tory Burch, etc),

I am writing to you today to let you know about how much money I have spent on you in our long-term relationship of 8 years. In this relationship, I seem to be giving you cold-hard earned cash…and you give me a temporary happiness that is just as quick and fleeting as a Venti Iced Coffee from Starbucks.

We have to see other people, and by other people…I mean I have to see Target, and you have to see my closet. Sigh. We both knew that this was going to come sooner rather than later, and it’s not meant to hurt your feelings…but in all honesty, this isn’t a healthy relationship. You take my money, tempt me with high expectations and pretty colors, and then hit me to the floor with your prices. In essence, you use me for my money.

This is why, for at least 6 months, we have to take a break from each other. Don’t make it awkward and e-mail me…I won’t respond.

All my love and friendship,



Holiday Shopping Etiquette

Ah, the season of grumpy parents and bratty children has begun! I’m so excited! Partially because I am neither…but because of Caramel Brulée Lattes at Starbies. But, that’s another post…for another time. However, if you don’t know what it is…click that link, educate yourself, and get back to me…pledge.

Cool- we’re all caught up? Great. Let’s get started. Last year, I blogged about budgeting and making sure you all knew the tips and tricks to stick to your budget. This year, I’m talking about etiquette. Someone has to– might as well be me.

Who To Buy For:

  1. Your direct family. This means parents, siblings, and yes…your in-laws too. Get a “couple gift” if need be, but don’t be a rude sister/brother-in-law. It leaves a bad taste in a person’s mouth.
  2. A significant other. Depending on the seriousness of your relationship, gifts may have to be purchased for his or her family members as well. If engaged, get it together.
  3. Your BFF. Talk to her/him. Determine a budget and stick to it. No one wants to be embarrassed when exchanging gifts.
  4. Your Close Friends. If they are all in the same close knit group, do a Secret Santa sort of deal. If they aren’t, work it out individually. Some friends don’t want to give gifts, and would rather just have a fun night together. I get it, and I’ve done it.

Who Not To Buy For:

  1. That crazy coworker who bought you a candy cane.
  2. Your Dunkin’ lady…your Starbies barista may be another story: She just gets you..and I get that.
  3. Your “friend” who you see once a year to “exchange gifts.” Please, let that end…sooner rather than later.
  4. Your customer at work who knows what kind of car you drive, and the type of coffee you drink. My advice? Don’t drink the coffee she brings you when she comes in to buy stuff. Just saying…
  5. Your coworker’s child. Unless you are close, which I doubt, refrain from this practice. You’ll be broke by the time that kid graduates from kindergarten.
  6. Your boss. We know, it’s important to suck up. Write a card with meaningful thank you. If they wanted a gift, they would have given you a raise.

That’s it. Don’t buy petty, nonsense gifts. This time of year, it is so easy to go crazy and shop for anyone you’ve ever had a conversation with. Don’t do it. It’s not cute. As always, stick to a budget, and always remember to avoid a credit card charge!

xoxo- Kate

The Latest and Greatest in Dupes: Fashion Edition

We all can’t have the closet filled with names like Alexander McQueen and Betsy Johnson like Carrie Bradshaw, and we definitely can’t have a closet filled with tweed, fabulous Burberry dresses, and preppy headbands like Blair Waldorf. What’s a girl on a budget to do? Let’s take a look at the latest in winter fashion.

Take a look underneath my reg sendoff..

xoxo -Kate


Capes: I LOVE capes. I love everything about them. There’s something so…American Horror Story: Coven about them. They put an outfit together and make your presence say, “Uh, it’s me..bow down.” Loves it. Don’t love the prices. Some capes can go for a couple hundred. Obvi, they’re the cute ones. So, I found one that is simply to die for, and under $50.00. Who loves me?

Zara: HOODED CHECKED WOOL CAPE $169.00 Dora Aztec Wool Look Cape: $44.00 Dora Aztec Wool Look Cape: $44.00

Holiday Parties

K, so who loves tartan? Just me? Whatever..I’m obsessed. The awesome thing about tartan is that the pattern can be found in pants, cardis, skirts, and dresses. Below are some phenom “party” pants. Go crazy, just don’t break the bank.

Tartan Slacks: $24.95
Tartan Slacks: $24.95
Holiday Tartan Cocktail Ankle Pants: $148.00
Holiday Tartan Cocktail Ankle Pants: $148.00

New Year’s Eve Dresses

Everyone knows you need a flashy little number that everyone will be too drunk to remember what it looks like. Whatevs..I see why you want it. So, here are two almost identical dresses.

Vineyard Vines, Sequin Rope Dress: $398.00
Vineyard Vines, Sequin Rope Dress: $398.00
H&M: Sequined Dress: $34.95
H&M Sequined Dress: $34.95

Bow Tie Shirts

These are amaz. They remind me so much of Blair Waldorf. Jeez, throw a cape on and an adorbs midi skirt, and you’re ready for anything!

Bring It to the Boardroom Top, ModCloth: $39.99
Bring It to the Boardroom Top, ModCloth: $39.99
ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Bow-tie cotton shirt: $845.00
ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Bow-tie cotton shirt: $845.00

Cozy Flannels

Flannels are in and better than ever. We love flannels. They can surprisingly be dressed up, and obvi dressed down. Anyway you look at it, flannels are here for the long haul! (And we are super excited!)

Plaid Flannel Shirt, H&M: $24.95
Plaid Flannel Shirt, H&M: $24.95
Yuletide Plaid Flannel Popover : $98.00
Yuletide Plaid Flannel Popover : $98.00


Le SIGH. Love these things. I would live in riding boots if I was able to. Whether it’s an over the knee boot, or just hitting mid-calf, boots are an essential when it comes to colder weather. Let’s take a look at a price difference. Now, if you’re a complainer and can’t see that they look PRACTICALLY the same, you have set yourself up for failure. Do you know who notices brands on shoes? People with foot fetishes.

Tory Burch: $346.50 (on sale)
Tory Burch: $346.50 (on sale)
Rampage Intense Riding Boots: $39.99
Rampage Intense Riding Boots: $39.99

Some Advice Before Buying Full Price

Hey Boos-

Ok, so let’s talk about this whole instant gratification thing. I’m guilty. Who isn’t? …put your hand down, bitch. Anyway, I want to talk about buying full price in a store or online. Stawp it. You know it’s going on sale in like, a week. Let me tell you, stores pull items off the floor almost weekly. Stores also almost ALWAYS mark that stuff down come the next two or three weeks. If they don’t, whatevs. Hate me, I saved you some money.

Here’s some advice to you when something is on the market that you just can’t get your eyes off of. (I’ve been there,after all… I am human.)

  • Stalk the crap out of it. Visit that website every day if you have to. Sign up for promo e-mails, then unsubscribe after you’ve gotten what you need from them. (Ugh, that’s so terrible.)
  • Make sure you do price comparisons. Go on direct online sites that maybe selling the same item for cheaper.
  • Although I used to stick my nose in the air about this, check Amazon and Ebay. No jokes..well the one joke would be if you bought something and it was fake…but seriously, there are a lot of people out there who have what you want and are selling it because of a break-up, divorce, or they too are broke!
  • You want it? Work for it. Go on every website you can think of. RueLaLa, Hautelook, Nordstrom, Bloomies, Macy’s, Neiman, Lord and Taylor, do I need to go on? I mean, you found me because you’re trying to get off the drug, you already know what it looks like 😉
  • Just know how terrible you’ll feel when you’ve already bought it, and it goes on sale the next day.

(On another note, trying to stop shopping is like trying to stop smoking the first, second, and third time. Harder than hard. But, once you get over the first hump, it’s so good…in reference to both things.)

Anyway, happy hunting!

xoxo- Kate

Trick Your Mind

When you get the itch to go shopping, clean your room. I swear it works! If you are as messy as I can be, cleaning off a chair filled with clothing can almost be like shopping, without hurting your wallet. You tend to find things that have been out of your sight for weeks! This goes for periodically cleaning out your dresser and refolding clothing. You are able to rotate your clothes and find a piece that you forgot you had! Sometimes, I am able to go through my whole dresser and find items you never even wore! Last night, I found 3 pairs of Gap pants that I completely forgot I bought, and was able to create fantastic outfits with them! This was from yesterday:

OOTD: Gap Neon Pink Khaki, Chiffon sleeveless shirt from Urban Outfitters and Jack Rogers Platinum sandals.

The benefits of cleaning out your room are endless. You are able to dive into an abyss filled with clothing and come out with a clean, organized room AND “new” clothes! This also goes for “taking inventory” of your make-up and jewelry collection. I am the biggest repeat offender of keeping make-up I don’t use. It’s like I have separation anxiety from it. GET OVER IT AND THROW IT OUT! If it’s old, past it’s expiration date, the wrong color, broken, or empty…throw it OUT! Don’t take up space with items you do not use.

Jewelry is a little bit tricky when it comes to taking inventory. I suggest separating items into expensive and cheap, costume types. After you have done that, examine each piece and determine if there are any broken parts, and if it is worth getting it repaired. If not, throw it out. If you like what’s on the necklace, take the pendants off and save them for a potential future project. As for expensive pieces, hang them or store them away from other pieces. This way, they do not have the potential to be tangled…and you can see everything clearly.


Stay tuned for more ideas…and try your hardest not to spend today!